Thursday, May 28, 2009

Renaissance Fair

Last weekend my wife and I went with another couple from our church to the Muskogee Renaissance Fair. We had a blast looking at the swords, the falconry, the swords, the jousting, the sword fighting, the trebuchets, the swords, the armor, the chain mail, and the swords. We ate funnel cake, turkey leg, lemonade, homemade nasty root beer, homemade nasty cream soda (if you get one bad thing from a stand don't go back again), and roasted almonds. We watched a couple of the shows and had a lot of fun. Did I mention there were swords there. Way cool swords that you could bend in half and they would pop back straight but they wanted $300-$500 for them so no sword for John. There was some other way cool weapons from that time period there also. We had a blast and enjoyed ourselves allot.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bridge Update

I am pleased to report that the largest wall on the bridge is now complete. I will not say how long it took to complete however there were multiple interruptions like summer, winter, fall, and spring. But now we are just over one forth the way done. :-) This project is huge as it is 100% to serve our community children by saving them the walk around the creek, which eliminates two blocks of walking for them.

A row of Rose of Sharon

In an effort to catch up on my past project I took some photos of the Rose of Sharon bushes I have planted at the church. They were donated to the church and we decided they would go perfectly down the east property line. Keep in mind these bushes are only 8 to 24 inches tall, but they will grow to 8 to 10 feet tall and fill out to 5 feet if I remember right. In a couple of years they will look sweet. I put up a fence post every three bushes and ran some green line in between as a reminder not to mow over them. Any advice on how to best care for these bushes is welcome.

Hot, Hot, Hot

I love it that the rain stopped and now I can get some work done outside, but why is it so hot. It is not even to the hot part of summer yet and I am sweating a river here. I need to get back into shape and yes I know a pear is a shape but that's not what I mean. I have been working outside on the bridge. I would upload more pics but the work is slow and not much has changed since the last pics so stay tuned for new time.

Monday, May 18, 2009

New Earrings

I love teaching my nieces new tricks, I mean stuff. They are at that age were they are just so much fun and then you send them home. This is my latest instruction to my sisters middle child. "Those are not shoes they are the newest fashion of earrings. Of course to really sell it I had to model some, but it was worth it.

Lunch with Family

We got together as a family for lunch on Saturday. It was great fun. I got to see two of my I don't know how many uncles. One was down from Kentucky and the other was up from Arkansas. We ate and laughed and laughed and ate some more. We even had our own entertainment after the food. My cousin locked his keys in his truck just so we could have some more fun. This is a special thanks to him for providing the opportunity for a photo shoot. :) How many relatives Does it take to open a door?