Tuesday, August 25, 2009

One more Step

Well I worked on my garage last weekend and got more done. I finished the framing, there was more there than I thought, and I went and stated cutting the sheet metal to length for my roof. WOW what a job. I decided to cut it will it was still screwed down to the old building I am taking it off of and there was a tar roof underneath it. So when I was running my grinder with the cutting blade on the metal it was going through and the hot blade was melting some tar and flinging it on me. OUCH. I only wore a T shirt didn't expect to get stuff slung on me. Sorry no pics of it though I was too worn out.

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Weekend is coming.

I am planning on working on my garage this weekend. It needs a few more boards framed on to it and then it needs the metal skin put on. We will see how far I get but I am excited about having a Saturday free to work on it. This will be one more step toward getting moved into the trailer that was given to us. We have gotten the gas line in but that is it so far so there are still a number of steps to go.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Lake

We went to the lake this last weekend and hung out with my old boss from ORU. He goes out once a year and takes those who want to go from the office there, since I worked there for so many years he always invites us too. Thanks Steve. So we went out and did some tubing and I got totally sun burnt. I forgot how hard it is to sleep with a bad sunburn but I still had fun and a great time of visiting with Steve and Lisa.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Chance to Refocus

I am enjoying having my senior pastors back. It is nice to not be the one in charge I should have some time to focus on getting moved into our new house which includes hooking up gas, electric, sewer, water, and repainting the inside. After all of that is done then we can do the pack up and move thing. YEA. I also still need to get the metal for my garage, but one thing at a time and everything in it season. In other words it will get done when it gets done and I'm not sweating the details. So a quick step back to take stock and refocus and away we go again. :)