Friday, June 26, 2009

The Motorcycle is almost back

My Bike (a 1985 Honda shadow 700) has been broken down for years now. While it was broken I had a guy put a new paint job on it, of course it was done in a barn but it is awesome for the environment it was done in. My wife is great she let me spend the money to get it fixed and I found a guy who would do it for cheap. So my bike is ready and I am going to pick it up tonight. They went through the carbs, the clutch, fixed some wiring, replaced all the filters, replaced some burnt out bulbs, and changed the oil. It should be good to go for awhile now. The only problem should be planning where to drive it. :) I will try to get some pics of it on asap.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

God's Blessing

I finally got in to see the dentist. They checked out my broken crown and said they would replace it for FREE. Thank God that is $600 I don't have to spend. God is good even in the middle of trials. On a side note our Acura which is our backup car has broken down again. I did have it running for a few days, ended up just being some bad connection to the battery. Now a bearing of some sort has broken on the back tire. Oh Well back to one vehicle, at least we have that God is still good and revival starts tonight.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Broke Down Car

I hate it when my car breaks down. It normally doesn't bother me to much because I have a back up but right now my back up is broke down too. Yes I know the plot thickens. I know it will be alright as someone told me today "it's only money". So there goes my garage for a few months because I broke my porcelain crown on my tooth also. YEA. I go in next week to have that checked and if it needs replaced its another $600. I know God supplies all my needs and Thank God we have a little in our savings account. So we will make it through and it will be interesting to see how it all happens.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Filling Potholes

I had a wonderful time yesterday working with the city filling potholes. No it wasn't community service like you may think, but it was service to the community. Our church has been looking at ways to help the city fill potholes since last year. At the time our proposals did not work and we hit a dead end. But recently I was appointed to a position on the city council and I talked to some of the other council members about filling potholes again. We got together and with the help of four awesome guys from Craig county detention facility we got almost half the cities potholes filled in one day. It took awhile and ended up happening a totally different way but the community outreach of filling potholes still happened. God takes some crazy detours sometimes.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hot Tubs

I love hot tubs. I have spent many a night before I was married just hanging out talking with my buddies in a hot tub. We covered everything from God and Stars to Mickey Mouse. It was the best place to just hang out and relax. So when I saw that the hotel in Branson had a twenty person hot tub-I was in. I was good fun hangin with my wife we went early in the morning so we were the only ones there and it was little cool so we didn't stay too long, but here are some pics for your enjoyment. There was also a really cool pool area with waterfall so I will include it as well.

Friday, June 5, 2009

But I'm so little

I am constantly being reminded that God wants to use us to do his will. It may be in my personal life that he tells me to do something or a reminder in the book I am currently reading but the reminder is the same. There is always a character that thinks "God can't use me I'm too small" whether it be physical stature or position in society. Then God steps in and uses them to do something great and once again I am reminded it doesn't matter how big you are but whether or not your willing to be used.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


My wife and I went on vacation a little while back and enjoyed is immensely. She was telling me last night she is already ready to go on another one, but I think we will wait a little while. We went to Branson, Mo on our vacation and we had a blast going to Silver Dollar City while we were there. We even took the time to see the cave they had there. We enjoy doing the cave thing although that is only the second one we have been in. I thought I would share some pics of us going through the cave.