Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Love Dare

Yea I am doing it too. No I have not seen the movie (Fireproof) yet but it seems like a really good book(The Love dare). It gives you kinda a short devotional reading then tells you your dare for the day. I thought no problem I have a great marriage this is a breeze. But its not as easy as I thought it would be. Its got stuff like don't say anything negative to your wife all day. Do you know how hard that is in a sarcastic society like ours? But it is a great process so far, I am on day 4. There are 40 days total so we will see how this goes. My wife is really enjoying it also which is good. Our church staff are going through it first with the men toward the wives and later the wives are going to do it for the men. Helloooooo back rub. I am easy to please. :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Building Projects

So I am attempting to put back together a shed I tore apart from another location. The problem is I had to completely rebuild the bottom of the shed and I am having to replace rotted out parts of the walls. I am choosing to do this because sheds are very expensive to buy and when I get this one put together I will have less than $50 in a 8x10 foot storage shed. I like this idea very much, but the process of putting it together can be frustrating. I have to cut out some sections and splice in new wood it becomes very time consuming. In these moments of frustration when I am thinking in my mind that I just want to scream at this wall I am rebuilding it is comforting to reflect on the fact that Jesus was a carpenter too. I am sure a better one than I but it is nice to know He was standing staring at a project that was frustrating a time or two as well.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

First Time Painting

OK so not really painting but is was my first time painting with a spray gun. We painted a whole house in about 2 hours this is not including the setup and learning how to run the gun. It looked great for the first time. Sorry no pics yet but maybe later. So I am sore with all the leaning and holding my arms up for so long but the house does look better and it has been a year in the process, yea it got primed last year about this time. Better late then never right. So hey any forward motion is progress though, granted slow progress. So I have joined the ranks of the painters in society this is important to me because I love to do Home Improvement and now I have done one more thing I had never done before. I am a very practical person the more I know how to do the more I can help someone else do. I relate allot with James on the whole faith without works is dead thing (James 2:17).

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Running (from Saul)

I am not a very good runner. I don't literally mean running although I used to run in high school, I mean turning from things when God says too and keeping my mouth shut when he says too like David running from Saul. I have this urge down deep that has to justify myself, I try to leave the situation alone and let God justify me but it becomes hard when he doesn't do it by the next morning. That's why I say I am not a very good runner. If God had David to run from Saul for so long before making him king I wonder if there are situations in my life I am to bare for awhile. Is this to teach me humility like Paul and his thorn, is this to develop some character traits that I am presently lacking, or is running part of the overall attack plan. I like this thought its not running its a strategic withdraw to build my character for a final victory. Maybe that thought will help me keep my mouth shut when it comes time to run. :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Wind generators

So I have looked into wind power in my area of Oklahoma and at first it did not make since because we have such little wind average here. But when I looked deeper into it they have small wind generators that are 1000 watts and smaller that you can build yourself. I realize this is not alot of power but every little bit helps with riseing utility bills right? The only thing is I live in town and cannot put one up but my Dad is inn the country and looking into it. Does anyone have any good advice or experience they would share about these systems?

Long Time Gone

Hey I am back. I couldn't get on to blog for awhile because I am so technologically inept. Something about my cookies changed and I am not even a baker. I don't make cookies and I rarely eat them (because no one else makes them for me with the exception of my step-mom occasionally). But the important thing is I am back. Good Times are here again. :)