Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ceramic Tile Flooring? How Much?

I have a great couple of buddies that will do just about anything for/with me even lay 440 sq ft of ceramic tile in 2 1/2 days. These guys do this for a living so that makes it even worse you never want to take time off from work to go exactly what you do at work. However Tweet and Joel are great guys and they really helped out on my grandparents rock house. We layed new tile in the kitchen, dining, back entry, utility, and bath room. It would have gone faster but we had to do some flooring work because the floors were not strong enough to hold the weight of the tile in a few places. Yea I know we are awesome. :) Special Thanks to our wives who helped do the wash down on the tile after it was grouted.

Roofing! Yea

Last fall I got the opportunity to help out Tweet and his little brother with a roofing project. We put a metal roof over the existing asphalt shingled roof. When we did it we added 4x8 sheets of Styrofoam in between the runners we used to screw to add extra insulation. I never did get the pics out so others could see so here they are in all their splendidness. :)