Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New Job

I have recently been demoted to Senior Pastor :). You people in ministry know the story more hours, more work, more problems. The position everyone wants at the church till they find out what it takes to hold it. OK so in all honesty I am thrilled and excited to fill this position. I feel it is absolutely a God thing and He is going to do great things in the church and my own life. The stretching has already begone for myself and some of the staff and that excites me even more to know that God cares enough about us to want to move us forward in Him.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bees in Eves

I got a call from a family in Vinita that had a bee hive living in the eves of their house. Needless to say they did not want it staying there but were not willing to get stung up to move it so away I went to check it out. It was up about 16 feet beside a chimney and it took a few minutes to open the eve up to get a look at them. I had to wait a few days to come back and get them out (I didn't want to work that high up without a ground guy). But we went yesterday evening and vacuumed up the bees and cut the comb out and put it in an empty hive box. We left the bees there to clean up the rest of the mess and will move them in a day or two. All in all a 4 hour job total but a good act to promote the Kingdom of God.

Monday, May 23, 2011


As most of you now know the little red s-10 is no more. It was a good little truck but it blew the head gaskets and had way to many miles on the old thing. I made the decision to let it dye and move on to something else. So far I have been borrowing my dads truck but I am still looking for my own little extended cab replacement truck that will do what I need it to. I will get pics up when I find the new ride.


So I have taken up beekeeping with another guy in the church. We have captured two swarms and have cleaned a existing hive out of the wall of an RV trailer. So we now have three hives of our own and are hoping to buy another 40-50 or so. This is going to be a great BIG adventure for me as I have never started any kind of business before but we are hoping to be a blessing to each other, the church, and our community. The plan is over a year or two to build up enough hives to make it worth the trip to California for the pollination fees they pay beekeepers for putting their hives out in the almond groves. I am told when you get to 100-120 hives that it is worth your first trip so we will see. I also did a beekeeping lesson for our church daycare and I think the kids really enjoyed it.