Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cleaning out Ditches

I spent the day yesterday donating some time to help the City of Welch clean out 2nd street canal, which is a drainage ditch for parts of our community. Since the town is so funds limited this ditch has not been cleaned out for many many years and we were working with chainsaws and limb saws to clean it up. We managed to clean up about 70 yards or so of the ditch line which meant 3 large trailer loads of brush to the dump and another pile of brush still to be loaded, but we had some great help from the Craig County Jail Inmates and those guys worked HARD. A Special Thanks to them. The worst part of the day was getting tripped up by a couple vines and letting the chainsaw get against my leg, so I have so scratches that will need to heal up and a torn up pair of pants. If you live in a small community go down to city hall and ask what you can help with there is always something they need.

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